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Open Letter to Coca-Cola or Anybody Else.. Please Help!
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Open Letter to Coca-Cola or Anybody Else.. Please Help!

Dear Coca-Cola team, as we have failed to get in contact to your Marketing Team, we decided to write to you an open letter. We offer you to buy images that we produced recently. You can use it for your Ad campaigns or any other purposes.
We would like you to pay us to our friend’s account. He has Brain Tumor. His name is Darius (father of two), lives in Dublin, Ireland. This family are our friends and it is so sad to see this young family in searches for hope. You never know what can actually heal cancer. They are trying many things. Their current hope is to get to the Biomed Hospital in Germany for treatment.
This Easter we thought that maybe we could rise their hopes and encourage them with our support. We cannot help them financially as much as it is needed. But we can raise awareness and work to help. Dear Coca- Cola, please buy these photos. All other possible ‘clients’, please buy it. Please contact Carrot Inc via e-mail:
There are so many people sick, and it is impossible to help all. Our hearts always lean to children, that is why it is extremely hard to get support for adults. But how hard it is for children to witness father’s illness?
Darius paypal account is
Make this Easter Magical for Darius and Jevgenija Dirskus family.
All images belongs to Carrot Incorporations and Odry Photography until it is sold.










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Easter Photo Shoot
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Easter Photo Shoot

We are working hard on masks, costumes that will ‘wow’ you all! That is a promise! Although the most exciting thing is that yourself can be involved in this piece of art! We will be making photo series of Easter Shoots in Bellinter House, Navan, on the 8th and 15th of March.

We will dress you, your family or friends with Easter themed costumes. The man of the house will be standing on stilts! Dress like bunny queen! Masks of bunnies! Just dare for this shoot and you will have a picture to die for!

Our photographer and costume designer has recently been nominated for Irish Fashion Industry Awards! Have your picture created by talented people!

Our Inspiration….

Easter Inspiration Carrot Inc (1)


Easter Inspiration Carrot Inc (3)

Easter Inspiration Carrot Inc (4)












Easter Inspiration Carrot Inc (2)

Easter Inspiration Carrot Inc (5)


We look forward to hear from you!

Follow the link for the tickets:



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Christmas Photo Shoots in Ireland
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Christmas Photo Shoots in Ireland

We have recently launched Mini Christmas Shoots Series. We have a beautiful installation and make Magical Photos of families and friends for Christmas Cards. Contact us for more information. And yes… Christmas is just around the corner.. Gintare (6)


Gintare (1)




Gintare (7)



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Wedding Photography

asian wedding photographers at the sculpture gallery woburn

This picture was taken by David Pullum. And I love everything about it! Captured emotions, moment, angle and Photographers view of a Wedding, not to mention naturally beautiful Indian Wedding style. Although we have Wedding styling, not Photography services, I was more than happy to attend David’s talk about Wedding Photography. For us, it is very important to understand all aspects of creating beautiful image. And most of the time styles we create, images we direct are captured by Photographers. So I just wanted to share some of points that caught my attention and might be useful for Wedding Photographers…

– Become friends with your Bride and Groom for the day

– You are paid to make this day a memory- do not be afraid to be in their personal space to get best pictures

– Always be around (even if it means being beside the Bride when she is dressing into her gown).Emotions during these moments are best memories..

– Make as many shots as you need of one situation to catch the perfect one (David Pullum makes 10 000 in one Wedding!)

– Always be on your guard- listen what is happening around you and be ready.

– Your camera do not distract people as much as you think (take a look at the picture above, guess where the camera was at this moment )



You have to be either in personal, or at least social space to take best picture. There is no point in you being somewhere in public space trying to catch real emotions, tears, joy, laugh. In the end of the day, Wedding memories is not really about how napkins looked like, it is about how in love you were that day, what emotions it brought to you and your family, friends, so you could live it over again looking at these pictures.


I hope it helps in building a confidence as a photographer or gives you something to think about.

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19/08/15 Blog


carrotincorporations (5)

There is always first time in everything you do in your life. And for some reason it is the most exciting and scary of all the times. With this post we want to enter another platform of interactions with people and clients. With this post we release our very own website designed from scratch by ourselves. With this post we proudly present our presence among other artists in Ireland and abroad. With this post we promise to reach out to you. With this post we came and we will stay.

With love, carrots

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