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Let’s create Community!

Let’s create Community!

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We invite you to join Carrot Inc ‘gang’ and enjoy series of Photographic Workshops. It is generated for all levels Photographers and other Visual Artists. You can buy a Membership or join for a single Workshop only. Participant will have to register and specify time of attendance in time frame provided, otherwise it can result failing to accommodate him/her. Groups are limited to 10 people for 1 hr shoot. Set up will be ready to capture once a month in different locations most of the time.

Themes will vary, mostly involving a model (fully styled: Make up, Hair, Dress). Sometimes it can be Artistic Installation. Themes and times will be announced few weeks before each Workshop, notification will be sent to each Member by email.

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Our promise is you will be surprised and driven by set ups. You will also have enough creative space.

You are welcome to stay longer than your shooting time takes and enjoy company & discussions with other members too. Food & drinks are not provided so make sure you bring some with you.

Please submit your best image two weeks after Workshop and we will choose our favourite of the month and add it to our Workshop Gallery. Eat Carrots…

Let’s create Community!